Diät programm von dr. simeons


Lena Bena

Many doctors have spoken out against this program because the low calorie intake can cause serious health problems. The drops are used to keep your body functioning in some cases because of the low calorie count. You are advised to consult with your doctor before beginning this program, but many doctors will not advise a program that involves starving yourself. When the body doesn’t have enough energy it can turn to the muscles and even damage the organs to nourish it. In some cases people on such restricted calorie diets have died. When using the Dr. Simeons New hCG Weight Loss Diet Drops along with the restricted calorie diet, you will lose weight at a rapid pace. There has been no evidence that the hCG drops have any effect on the body, and the low-calorie diet seems to be the reason for the rapid weight loss.

What are the differences about yours and the ones I used before? I hear that green coffee beans are bad for you.


posted Feb 22nd, 2016 5:38 pm

  • Breakfast: 1 cup of black coffee
  • Lunch: 1 plain chicken breast, spinach leaves (no dressing or oil), 1 apple
  • Dinner: 1 plain piece of fish, steamed asparagus, 1 orange


Used the Platinum X30 from GnC until the HCG drops arrived (5 days after I ordered). I did not follow the 500 calories/day diet b/c I’m a daily runner and I strength train 4x/week. That is just not enough calories to maintain my muscle. BUT, I still went from 142 (July 30) to 134 today (Aug. 15). I ate as directed, meaning the foods specified within the diet, just padded the protein a bit, and nibbled more fruit than encouraged. I also religiously followed the directions as to how to take the HCG drops (not too tasty). My favorite part were the 2 fat loading days. Incredibly, I ate doughnuts, chips, cookies, even had steak dinner at Outback and LOST 2lbs those first two days. If I can lose 8 pounds in15 days st 1200-1500 calories a day, then claims that people lose a pound per day ingesting 500 calories/day has to be credible. This product works to suppress appetite and reduce craving. After a few days, my body only wanted healthy food, for real. no craving for chips (my fav), just a strong URGE for salad. I’m serious. I have not bought iceberg lettuce in so long, I needed help to find it at the grocery store. Could you lose a pound a day if you ate only 500 calories without the drops. not unless you want your vital organs to fail. You need the supplements and amino acids to maintain functioning in your kidneys/liver/brain (to name a few). And if you exercise like a freak and have a moderate diet of 1200-2500 could you lose weight, sure, just not as rapidly. this product aids in fast dropping of pounds with no exercise. If there is any CON it’s that I thought my belly fat got bigger. I didn’t measure my waist hips ect. until day 8 or 9, so without baseline data, I can’t validate it, but it FELT flabbier and looser to me, and I do 300 crunches and core training 4x/week.. Could be all in my head though I reccomend Agavi Nectar and Sugar Free products like Rasberry jam or maple syrup to sweeten O% fat yogurt or brown rice bread or other indulgences while on this regimented diet plan. Good luck whatever you decide!

I order this diet drops when it first came on Dr. Simeons Protocol, HCG to be rapid weigh loss I saw this on Dr Ozz show. Did not loose a pound not 1 pound . This is the number on the paper work I have 800 979 0161. I did just what the paper work said to do. I was surprised its in a bottle liquid Diet Drops.