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The numerous champion and the prize-winner of Latvia champions, on athletic gymnastics and power triathlon of 80-s‘ years, the Champion of the first Latvia championship (1981) – Vedmedovsky Sergey.

Latvia, Amber Prix and Europe champion – Ilgvars Kazaks:

Despite so impressing look, young Daugavpils athlete Evgenie Naglis („Fitness – Сenter“), is a beginner bodybuilder.

One of the most powerful Latvia athletes.

Absolute Latvia, Europe and World champion in fitness aerobics – Victor Sharko

Absolute Latvia & World bodybuilding champion – Normunds Yurans

Daugavpils athlete Alexander Tumashevich, now lives in Moscow. The absolute champion in WFF world

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Latvian strongest bodybuilder Konstantin Konstantinov, not too spoiled their fans on the scene, has focused on development of force. His best results:
– world record holder in deadlift – 430 kg
– absolute Latvia benchpress champion – 260 kg

On the same token , body mass index can’t measure the poor health of a 5’8” , 130 pound gaming nerd who does nothing but eat potato chips and play online video games all day . Offensichtlich, this person isn’t getting much exercise and , despite what their BMI of around 20 schlägt vor, they are probably not going to be in the greatest of physical conditions .

One might wonder if there are some better alternatives for determining who should pay a higher insurance premium and , ja, there are better methods and they revolve around testing for body fat percentage .

And that’s because the BMI has no way of separating muscle mass from pure fat . This formula that insurance providers are so high on couldn’t factor in the hours of weight training , Herz-Kreislauf, and strict dieting that certain athletes would put in each week which ultimately leads to a healthy lifestyle .

For those who aren’t familiar with the BMI scale , it is used as a measure of what a healthy body weight is in relation to one’s height . BMI utilizes a number system starting at zero and working its way up to give one an estimate of what they should weigh . The formula for determining one’s BMI using feet to measure height and pounds to measure weight is Weight X 4.89 / Height X Height .

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Years of clinical research , as well as common sense , tells us that many overweight people have more health problems and tend to die sooner than their thinner counterparts . tatsächlich, a recent study done in England showed that fat people typically die nine years sooner than do people who maintain a healthy bodyweight .

Another way to find body fat percentage is the skin fold method in which a pinch of skin is precisely measured by a set of calipers at several points on the body in order to come up with a person’s subcutaneous ( fat under the skin ) fat layer thickness . This test doesn’t do a great job of finding a person’s total body fat percentage but still seems like a better test of a healthy body than the BMI .

Wirklich, a 5’10” man who weighs 185 pounds is overweight ? Meiner Meinung nach, unless this guy has a major potbelly and super-small muscles , he shouldn’t be considered overweight . leider, I don’t make the rules for insurance companies and this guy would be charged a higher premium than those falling in the 18.5 bis 24.9 range because he is “overweight” .

A new policy by major insurance companies will use the BMI for men to calculate premiums . The BMI of bodybuilders and the BMI of athletes will mean that bodybuilders and other muscular athletes will be fined and charged much higher premiums for being “ overweight. “ And the circumstances surrounding this policy are just ridiculous !